Graham Smith and Our First 3D Print Job

The new MakerBot Bot Replicator 2 was delivered in late August. It was an exciting day, but in the busy season of getting ready for school, the printer stayed in the box until we could find the time to learn how to set it up and how to use it.

Luckily, we had Graham Smith, an ESD sophomore who spent the summer working as an intern at the Maker Bot company. Graham was interviewed by Preston Hollow People; you can read about his experiences here. He set up the printer, installed the spool of PLA plastic for printing, and demonstrated how to level the build plate.

Before we knew it, Graham had introduced TinkerCad to our advisory group, who created the “We Heart ESD” design. Graham opened the MakerWare software and loaded the design to prepare it for the 3D printer. It wasn’t long before we saw the design begin to appear before our very eyes!

First Print Job for the MakerBot- We heart ESD.

There was definitely more to learn, but 3D printing at ESD had a successful launch.


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