Mount to attach PCDuino to Parrot AR Drone

Senior Michael McCrory designed and printed this mount to attach the pcDuino to the AR Drone for the ARTeMIS project. Its dimensions are 6 cm  6 cm. x 13 cm.

Drone Mount

Drone Mount

Drone with pcDuino mounted.

Drone with pcDuino mounted.

For our Computer Science project, we needed a way to mount a microcomputer onto the Parrot AR Drone that we are programming. The best way for us to do so was by creating and 3D printing a mount that can replace the Styrofoam hull that comes with the drone. The mount that we printed fits snugly over the battery of the drone, so it also protects the battery if the drone crashes. It also has a slot for the USB and power cables to go to the computer and there is a hole just below that so that we can run lines to the battery. To top it off, the project name ARTeMIS is typed on the side of the mount.

When I was modeling it on the computer, I had to measure the dimensions of all of the components that the mount is covering. Once I had the general shape that would fit, there were flat overhangs that would have failed in the printer because it can’t print flat surfaces in the air. To fix this, I put filets on those corners, which turned the flat surfaces into more manageable curved surfaces that the printer could print. ~Michael


One thought on “Mount to attach PCDuino to Parrot AR Drone

  1. Also, I did not mention my drone testing setup. I power everything with 12v 10amp laptop power supply while in the house so I don’t have to keep charging the lipo batteries. This tethered setup keeps the drone with the pi in the air indefinitely. The only probably which I have fixed is that my initial wires started to melt from the current load. This has been fixed by using speaker wire. Sparkfun did a nice writeup except they use a PC power supply.

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