Chichen Itza model


Sophomore Kohl Swift used Maya to create a 3D model of Chichen Itza.

For my Spanish project, my class was asked to create an artistic work connected to artists.  I had used Maya, a 3-D design program, over the summer and decided to create a model of Chichen Itza.  This famous Mayan ruin turned out very well in the program that I was using to create it, but throughout the project, I was wondering how to present the file to the teacher and the class. One of the ideas that I thought of was creating a physical representation of the temple.  When I came into computer science class, I was able to print it that class period with the help of Graham S. and Mrs. Goudy.  The end result had some minor flaw such as the detailed stairs missing and the railings leaving a negative inprint from the conbination of the stair and base objects. But overall it turned out really well and I was surprised at how easy it was to convert a Maya file to the printable format necessary for the MakerBot.


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